Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Introducing..... {our teachers}

The Starting line up of our new
  Spring Quarter TEACHERS!!!

 These incredible people dedicate 13 weeks of their time to teach your kiddos! 

Teaching our Toddlers (using my best announcer voice of course)... we have:

Mr. Mitch, Ms Allison, Ms Nikki, and Mr. Ronnie

Teaching our Preschoolers... we have:

Ms Krista & Ms Sharon

Teaching our Kinders... we have:

Ms Sara & Ms. Danielle

Teaching our Elementary kiddos... we have

Mr. Steve, Ms. Bette, Ms. Lynette, Ms. Shannon, Mr. Greg, Mr. Craig, and Ms. Beth

  If you get the opportunity to see any of these awesome volunteers... take a minute to give them a squeeze and thank them for their time. 

We are blessed! 

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