Saturday, November 26, 2011


by Mollie

  Welcome to our new GVC Kids Ministry Blog!  We are hoping that this can be an easy, fun, and fast way to get you (the parents!)  any new and exciting information happening with our ministry as well as being able to share our heart and passion for your kiddos with you!!

  We have bios at the top of the leadership in the ministry as well as buttons on the left side of upcoming events for the ministry! Just click on any of those buttons and it will give you more information about each event!

  On the right side there are options to follow the blog if you are an avid blog reader OR an option to sign up via email and have the latest posts delivered right to your inbox (in my opinion... the easier choice!)

  Please feel free to comment and contact Nicole or me anytime! We would love to interact with you and have the opportunity to get to know you and your families more!!

I feel BLESSED to be able to serve you and your kiddos in the ministry... and again WELCOME!!